CCNewsletters is the brainchild of Bruce DeLoatch. Bruce and his wife Joanna have been self-employed entrepreneurs for over 28 years.

CCNewsletters was born out of necessity.

Back in 1995, Bruce and Joanna started a carpet cleaning business.

The first 3 years we cleaned carpets for apartment complexes. Tired of the low-profit, high-volume, slow-paying, backbreaking apartment management sector, we decided to move into high-end residential carpet cleaning instead.

At first, we did a lot of advertising to get homeowners to try our service, sending out thousands of letters and postcards, blanketing neighborhoods with ads. It was an expensive way to get customers, but within one year, we were able to say farewell to the apartments for good.

Since the cost of gaining new customers was so high, we realized that client retention was crucial to our long-term success. We nurtured client relationships with a monthly newsletter from marketing expert in the carpet cleaning industry. It was okay, but we always felt it could be much better. Bruce started making his own newsletters, which were better written, more colorful and more professional.


In time, other carpet cleaners began to ask if Bruce could do their newsletters and CCNewsletters was born. In 2005 Bruce and Joanna sold the carpet cleaning business. They now focus on training, coaching, inspections and consulting to the cleaning and disaster restoration industry.

CCNewsletters has grown to encompass other service-based businesses and professions.

We make your company unforgettable with high-quality customized client care newsletters.

What Our Customers Say

“Bruce has done our newsletters for over 10 years. The quality can’t be beat. Our customers look forward to our newsletter. We only spend about 15 minutes a month on our newsletter, and that’s mostly reading it.”

Darla Hackleman, Kleenrite, IL

What Our Customers Say

“I have had excellent response from my clients with them. They are impressed with the professionalism of the newsletter and very much enjoy the content. CCNewsletters makes it easy to stay in touch with my clients.”

Paul Bunce, Ulrich-Bunce, KS

What Our Customers Say

“I track my marketing, and my client newsletter gives me the biggest bang for my buck by far. CCNewsletters makes it simple and easy. All I do is approved the newsletter and send them my mailing list.”

Keith Orth, Clean Pro, LA

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