Here are commonly asked questions… please feel free to ask if you have other questions. Check back from time to time since we will be adding additional info.

A- Although client retention works best if they get a newsletter from your monthly, you can choose to skip a month of mailing.

A- CCNewsletters is a monthly program. It is highly recommended to print, mail, email, post on websites, and use other social media every month. If print mailing is not an option, using the other method is very effective.

A-It’s a great idea to order a few extras newsletters and put them in your ‘new client‘ packets, drop them off at ‘referral sources’, doctors offices, allergy clinics, veterinarian clinics and so forth.

A- It’s easy. When we email the newsletter template to you, just fill out the form in the email to make any changes. We’ll make the changes and email you a ‘proof’.

A- No, the newsletters are mailed bulk rate which is more affordable. First class mailing is an option. Call for rates.

A- When mail is sent first class, the post office will return mail that is ‘undeliverable’ at no extra charge. When mail is sent bulk rate, mail that is ‘undeliverable’ is returned for a fee. You DO want to get those back. This is how you update your list monthly.

A- This is how you update your client list. You can either remove the address that came back or change the name to ‘Current resident’ or ‘Our neighbors’ and also enter the new address if its listed.

A- We have an option to have your list ‘cleaned’ for you. Your list is scanned against current postal data and a list of ‘bad addresses, undeliverables’, and changes of addresses are compiled so you have a current address list.

What Our Customers Say

“Bruce has done our newsletters for over 10 years. The quality can’t be beat. Our customers look forward to our newsletter. We only spend about 15 minutes a month on our newsletter, and that’s mostly reading it.”

Darla Hackleman, Kleenrite, IL

What Our Customers Say

“I have had excellent response from my clients with them. They are impressed with the professionalism of the newsletter and very much enjoy the content. CCNewsletters makes it easy to stay in touch with my clients.”

Paul Bunce, Ulrich-Bunce, KS

What Our Customers Say

“I track my marketing, and my client newsletter gives me the biggest bang for my buck by far. CCNewsletters makes it simple and easy. All I do is approved the newsletter and send them my mailing list.”

Keith Orth, Clean Pro, LA

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